Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland (hereafter: the Event) is organized by Stichting Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland, established and having offices in (9731 MK) Groningen, at Kramerstraat 36 and registered under Chamber of Commerce number 02088225 (hereinafter: WFNN).

WFNN respects the privacy of its customers and all visitors to the website (hereafter: the Website) and / or the Event (hereinafter jointly: the Visitor).

WFNN ensures that the personal details are treated confidentially. Personal data is processed in accordance with the legal provisions, such as the Personal Data Protection Act, and prescribes the General Data Protection Regulation with effect from 25 May 2018. 


This Privacy Statement provides information about the processing of personal data by or on behalf of WFNN and only applies to the use of personal data of Visitors of the Website and / or the Event.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to websites of third parties, such as websites or apps to which WFNN refers on its Website and in its mailings. WFNN advises Visitors to consult the privacy policy of these third parties on the relevant websites.

Identity WFNN

WFNN respects the privacy of its customers and all its Visitors. WFNN ensures that the personal details are treated confidentially. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the legal provisions such as the Personal Data Protection Act, and on 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation,

This Privacy Statement provides information about the collection and processing of personal data by or on behalf of WFNN.

WFNN is established and based in (9731 MK) Groningen at Kramerstraat 36. She is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number 02088225. WFNN can be contacted via the e-mail address

WFNN is is registered at Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens under file number FG000913.

The person concerned is not obliged to provide personal data. However, the provision of certain personal data is a necessary condition for good service provision

 Which personal data does WFNN collect?

When purchasing tickets for the Event, the Visitor can be asked (whether or not by the relevant (pre) sales organization) personal data, such as name, (e-mail) address and telephone number, which data WFNN then of the (before) sales organization.

To see what information WFNN has received from you and to change the information, use the following link and login using your shop credentials:

In addition, WFNN may use personal data of Visitors, such as name, (e-mail) address and telephone number, which it obtains directly from Visitors in connection with orders placed with WFNN via the Website.

WFNN can also obtain surf data (including IP address, date and time of visit to the website) from Visitors of the Website. During the Event, Visitors' data can be processed by WFNN or a media partner, such as registering (with camera) or registering the Event, whether or not by camera surveillance.

For what purposes are data processed?

WFNN uses the obtained personal data in the first instance to execute the agreement that it makes with Visitors in the context of a visit to the Event or the Website as well as possible and for the internal administration.

WFNN can use personal data:

For the purpose of being able to deliver the ordered tickets or products to the right person;

In order, if the Visitor so requests, to change the order or to block it in case of loss or theft;

To inform the Visitor about changes to tickets and / or activities and events organized by WFNN, for example via a newsletter;

For the purpose of entering into, maintaining and improving the contractual relationship with its (potential) customers, or for improving the services and products;

For the application and implementation of legal obligations.

WFNN or a media partner can make (and have) sound and / or sound recordings during the Event. WFNN can use these recordings on the Website or to promote the Event via social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. In addition, the recordings can be used on the media channels of the media partner (s), possibly including radio and / or television. Images taken in the context of camera surveillance can be used by WFNN for safety purposes.

WFNN can send newsletters by e-mail. If the Visitor no longer wishes to receive a newsletter, use can be made of the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Any back-ups of the stored data made by WFNN for the optimum functioning of the systems will only be used to repair the systems in the event of a failure.

The data are not used for purposes other than those described above.

Surf data and click behavior

Surf data collected by WFNN can be stored and used to statistically analyze and optimize the visit to and use of the Website.

Surf data is anonymized (insofar as possible). Only anonymized data can be passed on to third parties, such as Google Analytics.

Cookies and Google Analytics

WFNN reserves the right, like most websites, to gather information by using so-called "cookies" to facilitate navigation in the website. Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that a website leaves behind on a computer. The website instructs the web browser with which the website is viewed (e.g. Internet Explorer) to store these cookies on the computer. Cookies can be turned off via the settings of the web browser.

WFNN uses Google Analytics to gain insight into the use of the website. Only for the use of this service from Google, this information, including IP address, is provided to Google.

The website also places cookies from Google in the context of the Google Analytics service. WFNN has no influence on what Google does with the information obtained in this way.

Social networks

On the Website of the Event are buttons that are linked to social networks, including social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

The relevant social networks can place cookies via these buttons. WFNN has no influence on the use by these parties.

The relevant social networks are independently responsible for the use and provision of data obtained in this way. For this use, the privacy policy and the general conditions of the relevant social networks apply.

Image and / or Sound recordings

WFNN or a media partner can make image and / or sound recordings of the Visitors for the promotion and / or (image) registration of the Event. These recordings may be made public or reproduced via various media channels of WFNN and / or media partner (s), without WFNN or media partners owing or will owe a fee to the Visitor.

Camera surveillance

For the safety of the Visitor and the security of persons, buildings and grounds, camera surveillance takes place.

At various places on the festival site, there are visible security cameras. The Visitor is informed of the presence of camera surveillance when entering the event grounds.

In case of calamities, these recordings can be given as supporting material to government agencies, including the police and the judiciary.

Storage period

WFNN does not store personal data longer than is necessary for the performance of the agreements and in any case no longer than two years after the agreement has ended, unless this is necessary to comply with a statutory obligation to retain data. Dutch tax laws demand that we keep webshop data available in our records for 5 years. Camera images from security cameras are stored for up to 28 days.

Inspection, correction and resistance

The Visitor must ensure that WFNN has the correct personal data. Visitors can submit written objections to WFNN via the e-mail address against the use of certain data by WFNN, or requests for inspection, correction and / or removal of their (personal) data. Upon written request, any corrections made by the Visitor will be processed.

Via the e-mail address the Visitor can withdraw permission for the use of his personal data. The withdrawal of consent does not prejudice legitimate use of personal data prior to the withdrawal of consent. This does not apply to information we have to keep in our records for legal reasons, such as tax laws.

Complaints about the use of personal data can be addressed to WFNN or to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Sharing and transfer of data

WFNN is authorized to share the data of a Visitor with companies affiliated to WFNN, parent companies and sister companies, and to parties that engage WFNN in the performance of its services, including in connection with the aforementioned purposes, such as for promotion and / or registration of the Event.

WFNN may, without specific permission from a Visitor, provide its data due to statutory obligations on WFNN and / or following requests from authorities.

Because WFNN makes use of its services, third parties who supply products or services on behalf of WFNN, whereby (unless otherwise stated) personal data of Visitors can be used, WFNN can also provide these data to these third parties. WFNN has concluded the necessary agreements to ensure that personal data are processed and protected in line with European and Dutch legislation.


WFNN takes the protection of personal data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. Should the Visitor have the impression that his data are not secure or that there are indications of abuse, or if the Visitor wishes more information about the security of personal data collected by WFNN, contact us using

WFNN reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. The Visitor is advised to regularly examine the current Privacy Statement with regard to changes. If these changes are material, WFNN will inform the Visitor of this via the Website or in an e-mail addressed to the Visitor.
Questions and / or comments in response to this Privacy Statement can be addressed to